Performance Reviews

plainPerformance Reviews.  They sound scary but you shouldn’t be scared.  So, let’s start at the beginning:

  • It’s not always called a ‘performance review’; it’s sometimes just termed a ‘feedback session’;
  • They’re supposed to be sessions where feedback is exchanged between yourself and your line manager.  The conversation goes two ways- so it’s not a one-sided monologue;
  • In your meeting you should be looking back at the year (or however long you’ve been there) and highlight your achievements.  Talk about what you’re proud of, what you’ve accomplished and how you got there.  Don’t forget to also mention the challenges you’ve faced and how you tackled them or how they’ve helped you grow and learn;
  • This should be an open and honest conversation, so give constructive feedback on your team, the department, the culture, how things are being done etc;
  • Don’t be a downer.  This is not an opportunity for you to vent your daily frustrations or petty altercations with your colleagues.  You should have a positive outlook and be try to be happy.  If there are certain ‘tough’ topics you would like to address, then do so, but bring forth a solution to the table too.

To listen to our podcast on this topic, click here

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