How to turn an internship into a permanent job

IMG_2890You landed an internship at a great company- which is very exciting.  So here are some steps can you take to turn it into a permanent job:

  • Respect the opportunity. Don’t treat it as something you’re doing on the side to fill your time.  This is something that benefits you long-term, so keep that in mind;
  • Do your research. It actually goes a really long way when someone makes the effort to get to know about the company;
  • Pay attention and be proactive. Use this as a chance to learn new things and develop your skill set.  Whether or not you stay on with this particular company, you’re going to use what you learn;
  • Be humble. Don’t continuously ask to be part of bigger/ more senior projects or decisions that are happening around you.  It’s good to show interest, but it works against you if you’re persistent in being included.  Some things are better left to those who have a longer understanding of the business;
  • Look the part. We don’t just mean dress the part.  Don’t sit around looking bored, playing on your phone and hanging out in the cafeteria.  If you get a little bored, ask someone if there’s anything you can help them with;
  • Let people get to know you. Be open to meeting new people and try to click on a personal level.


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