Summer job hunting in the UAE


Hiring in the UAE is seasonal; which means there are times (like now, Ramadan, Eid, Christmas & New Years) where things tend to slow down.  That doesn’t mean that they stop completely.  In fact, it’s more like its just on slow motion until it passes and then- boom; people start hiring like crazy.

Businesses have headcount plans in place for the year and when the summer season passes, they want to fill those vacancies as much as you do.  So, here are the reasons you should keep job searching during the summer:

  • Hiring managers may be on leave and that might slow down the process.  So just because it’s been 2 weeks and you haven’t received a reply, doesn’t mean it’s yet another role you’re not good for;
  • This also means other candidates may be travelling, so the number of applications decrease, which means- so does your competition;
  • If you’re struggling to find something that you could be good for, don’t forget to utilize your personal network or touch base with old contacts to see if they know of anything that could be interesting;
  • If you’ve been unemployed for some time, don’t stop searching and applying.  If you get into a slump and stop making the effort, it’ll really demotivate you.  Just sitting in front of the laptop and clicking send, makes a difference to your morale;
  • Summer brings about an abundance of ‘contract-to-perm’ roles.  Don’t ignore them because you haven’t considered that option.  

Keep at it; those call- backs will start coming in soon!

4 thoughts on “Summer job hunting in the UAE

  1. I am looking for to work with a good organization at a suitable position. I have multiple experience in hospitality industry.
    My visa is valid till 31August 2016.


  2. I’m looking for a suitable post for my daughter who has completed her MASTERS OF JOURNALISM & MASS COMMUNICATION. Please guide how to go about it.

    Sarita Seymour


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