hrsp-about is a go-to HR online platform that gives insight to individuals and companies for the UAE market.  We’re doing things a little differently to what would constitute as normal practice here.


Eva (the village girl with the red mug):

  • An HR pro that’s worked for both startups and corporations in both Europe and MENA
  • Degree in Mass Media & Marketing Communication
  • Has been in the UAE for 4 years
  • Serious tea addict.  She’ll out- tea you

Sarah (Dubai girl with the green mug):

  • A recruitment pro that’s worked as an in-house recruiter and within an agency
  • Degree in Psychology & Human Resource Management
  • Has been in the UAE for 19 years
  • Shamelessly addicted to reality TV


Dubai meets the village and hrsneakpeek is born:

  • We worked at the same startup and bonded over similar frustrations.  We couldn’t believe some of the questions we got, how interviews went, how CVs looked, what people’s perception of HR was… the list is endless.
  • People think we’re weird because we’re actually passionate about HR and with our combined experience we’re demystifying HR through our own educational hub.
  • Eva’s direct and will tell it like it is, Sarah will take that message and wrap a little bow around it.  It’s the perfect balance.
  • We don’t know everything about everything, but we do know HR and we hate the blah blah blah.

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